Why Choose New Era

Our mission is to teach the value of sales and entrepreneurship through education and research to help better provide opportunities for future employees. 

Not only do we connect candidates with our multitude of partnered Fortune 500 companies, but we also nurture and equip them with the knowledge and experience to help them succeed in their future careers.

Our Values


Do the right thing, even when it’s hard to do


Treat other members of the team with the respect you should have


Your role is to serve others to the best of your ability

Healthy Competition

Competition that encourages employees to do their best and strive for success

A New Era of Business Consulting

Entrepreneurship Program

All team members will undergo proper training to teach them how to be the best entrepreneurs they can be.


We help bring customers to you so you can focus on working your magic.


Get marketing support from us and show customers exactly what they need to know about your services.

New Era was named Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America with its most recent press release. As one of the largest energy brokers in the country, we are seeking experienced sales reps to continue our rapid expansion with one of the TOP largest solar clients. Come be a part of the fastest-growing sales company in the industry!

Are You Ready for a New Era?

Take your career to the next level. Join our team today!

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